Elizabeth Lykins
Santa Cruz, California, United States
Years of experience 25

Total years in practice: 25

Practice Name
A Magnificent Metamorphosis
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Elizabeth Lykins
Sleep Disorders
English | Spanish
About me

Elizabeth Lykins, PA-C and Transformational Coach

I am a transformational coach and a well seasoned physician associate (PA-C) with decades of experience in emergency medicine, sleep medicine, medical weight loss, and integrative/physical medicine. In my coaching practice, I work mostly with clients who are stuck in some significant way and feeling overly stressed.  I guide them to connect with their innate wisdom and ultimately to fall out of negative thinking. Most of my clients are medical or health field related professionals although the approach I use is effective for anyone. I am also a medical provider (PA-C) for many years so I can relate to what healthcare professionals and professionals with highly stressful jobs are going through.   I still work clinically seeing patients on a limited basis in an integrative medicine practice in Santa Cruz, with a massage therapist and chiropractors.  

Among other services that I provide I  train individuals and small businesses to use LinkedIn to acquire targeted leads that they can convert into clients and to increase their business or professional visibility in addition to their networking capabilities organically.  

Visit my website to learn more about me and the additional services that I provide. A Magnificent Metamorphosis

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