Molly Russell
San Francisco, California, United States
Years of experience 6

Total years in practice: 6

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Daily Ayurveda
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Molly Russell
Ayurveda Health Counselor
About me

When it comes to optimizing your health, Molly is a
master at breaking down health goals that allow you to have fun in the
process of taking care of yourself.  Molly is your coach right by your
side, which allows you to lighten the load of starting on your own.  The
focus of her practice is to support people's process in promoting their
own natural health with a hands-on approach, bringing  joy into

Learn how to cook easy and delicious meals suited for
your body and get familiar with a daily flow that will allow you to
thrive.  With a passion for enjoying the sweetness of life, Molly
understands the needs of people who want to live a healthy life,
optimize their energy, and be inspired by this world we live in.

Digestive disorders, weight loss, anxiety, sleep, and skin
are her specialties. Molly focuses on empowering individuals and
families in cultivating personal health in a way that is full of ease,
nourishment and joy. Molly specializes in working with women looking to
empower and improve their health with personalized diet plans, hands-on
cooking classes, realistic goal setting.

Molly graduated from a 3-year intensive Ayurveda Health Counseling
program from Vedika Gurukula in Emeryville, CA. She has practiced
Ayurveda for past 6 years and offers individual counseling, group
classes and cooking workshops around the Bay Area.  After changing her
diet and lifestyle, and seeing the effects of cooking with foods that
were balancing to her body and mind in changing seasons, she really feels
inspired to share the holistic science of Ayurveda with her community.

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Molly Russell
Molly Russell

BAMS, Ayurveda

6 Years experience

Ayurveda New Client Wellness Package

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