Jeanette Dvorak
Ayurveda , Holistic Medicine + 3
Sacramento, California, United States
Years of experience 14

Total years in practice: 14

Practice Name
Koshadi Wellness
Practitioner Name
Jeanette Dvorak
50Hr Marma Point Therapy | Ayurvedic Health Educator | Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy | Cert. Irest Yoga Nidra Teache | Clinical Hypnotherapist | Diploma Behavioral Therapy | Life Coach | Sivananda Yoga Teacher | Yoga of Recovery Counselor
Ayurveda | Holistic Medicine | Yoga
Abdominal Pain | Autoimmune Disease
About me

I am a dedicated Integrative Holistic Life & Wellness Coach with an emphasis on mind, body, spirit emotional health & well-being. My journey  began long before l professionally entered into the wellness field with a deep curiosity of the connection between mind and body health.

From an early age l understood that one cannot cut out an emotion after witnessing a family member undergo surgery year after year for complaints that l now understand had an emotional component that became physical or somatic. 

In 2002 l was diagnosed  with a pituitary adenoma (small brain tumor) that caused my endocrine system to malfunction which lead to stomach and intestinal  issues, a continued flow of breast milk and a case of fibromyalgia.  I dedicated myself to yoga and Ayurveda and journeyed to India for my first panchakarma ( Ayurvedic treatments involving massage, herbal therapy, meditation, yoga and other procedures).

I personally decided to take the holistic approach and chose Ayurvedic treatments and routines as well as embarking on a deep spiritual connection through my body.  Years later l was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma (breast cancer). My personal choice was to remove the cancer and again work with the Ayurvedic principals, diet, lifestyle and yoga as well as the deep seated emotional components that l had failed to recognise.  I personally understand the  connection between the body and the mind and the importance of emotional health and well-being during and after the healing process.

In order to heal, one has to re-align with their innate wisdom and essential nature which is fundamental to the healing process regardless of the road one chooses.

I am an integrative wellness coach that works collaboratively with my clients, their physician as well as body therapists who are all essential in the successful outcome that we all strive toward.

I have  maintained a private practice in Sacramento California for over a decade and also offer consultations, retreats & workshops in CA and in Northern Victoria, Australia.

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