Sheryl Cook,
Bargara, Queensland, Australia
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Total years in practice: 5

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Sheryl Cook
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Sheryl Cook,
Corporate Wellness | Weight Problems
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I am hugely passionate about the power of functional nutrition and lifestyle to improve the symptoms of autoimmune conditions. This is often an area overlooked in conventional treatments, yet I continue to see the power of it, not only in my own experience but also that of my clients.


I have always had a love of food and originally went to Otago University, NZ, to be a dietitian but felt the need for a more holistic philosophy so graduated with a BSc(Hons) Food Science. Twenty plus years later, I ran into my own health issue with hair loss, bloating, no energy, no motivation, brain fog, memory loss, mood swings, post baby weight that wouldn’t move. A diagnosis of subclinical Hashimoto’s helped to explain this. Despite these symptoms, blood tests indicated, from a clinical perspective, that medication was not required.


With a young family and a need to change I took matters into my own hands and put my years of research skills to work to find out what could be done to alleviate these symptoms and prevent further deterioration, as this was no way to live!


Research lead to summits which opened up the world of Functional Nutrition along with the importance of lifestyle. The impact on my life was so profound that within 8 months I was studying two courses (Integrative and Functional Nutrition), and then followed up with another one specializing in Autoimmune, so I could also help others to Rediscover their Wellness.

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