Sarah Braithwaite
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Gauteng, Johannesburg, South Africa
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Sarah Braithwaite Nutritionist
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Sarah Braithwaite
Autoimmune Disease
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The founder of MindSight is a qualified Business and Life Coach through Results Coaching Systems South Africa, part of the NeuroLeadership Group Global, accredited with the ICF (International Coaching Federation). Sarah is also a certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition©, a New York-based College that provides online enrollment specializing in Health and Wellness Coaching. ​MindSight offers both individuals and businesses professional coaching services aimed to help the client achieve mental, emotional and physical wellness to succeed in both their work and personal lives. ​Sarah completed her undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Arts in Value and Policy Studies, at Stellenbosch University in 2008. She then entered the recruitment industry working within an executive headhunting firm for a few years. In more recent years her passion and interest in coaching have propelled her to qualify herself in this area. ​ Sarah has enriched her passion for understanding coaching from a brain/neuroscientific perspective. With the ever-changing field of neuroscience, Sarah stays abreast of the latest developments to incorporate into her coaching practice. ​Sarah's philosophy of life stems from her belief that all people deserve to live a fully abundant life in every aspect and she is passionate about providing people with the right tools and guidance to achieve this. "

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