Mellony soares Mercado
P.O.Box 6651, Hilo, HI.96720
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Mellony soares Mercado
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About Mellony's expertise in the gym, on the field and in the classroom comes from training, apprenticing and running a family business with over over 25 years of physical fitness training and coaching experience, plus being an athlete herself. Mellony, has dedicated her entire life to supporting and promoting health, fitness and wellness to her many students, clients and athletes of all ages. She is the founder and owner of Soul Fitness Hawaii, for your mind, body and spirit. She is the first mobile traveling personal trainer and nutrition coach on the east side of the Big Island of Hawaii. She's a Certified Personal Trainer, Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, Sports Conditioning Specialist, Group Fitness Instructor, Life Performance Coach, athlete, wife, mother, grandmother and visionary. Besides loving everything fitness related, PK, is also an artist, art instructor and entrepreneur, with her husband and partner Reynaldo, who himself is a licensed massage therapist and Kung Fu Instructor, between the two of them, they live a very active full life sharing the love for whole body fitness. Although Rey, has been disabled due to falling 30 feet and suffering a broken back, hip and damaging both knees, 15 years ago it has not stopped them from perusing their life goals and dreams. PK, has been her husbands care provider, and in the process of healing, she has managed to create a life style that has emerged into a personal business of self discovery for her whole ohana. She now shares her expertise with her clients and students of all ages, and continues to strive for excellence in all aspects of her life. A few years ago, PK, lost her hearing in her left ear, but instead of letting this little bump in the road slow her down, she's actually used it to fuel her passion about the special needs that many of her students have, and took the challenge to create special programs addressing their special abilities. Today, PK, has chosen to live a simple, active life, doing what she loves to do, and share it with those willing to take their lives to a whole new level of wellness. She continues to keep herself updated in the latest in health and fitness, in a ever growing and expanding field. This is only the beginning, and she's so excited to embrace all that comes her way.

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