Karen Ryan,
Nutrition , Yoga
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Years of experience 8

Total years in practice: 8

Practice Name
Karen Ryan
Practitioner Name
Karen Ryan,
Nutrition | Yoga
Stress | Weight Problems
Afar | English
About me

As a 200 RYT yoga teacher, my expertise keeps mind, body and soul in balance. I offer individual yoga instruction as well as group classes and meditation guided classes. Coaching in wellness, fitness and nutrition are offered. A personal customized program guides you through an optimal program. Organic lifestyle is essential for maximizing your overall wellness. Detox through minor lifestyle adjustments. This journey is never ending. Begin today...to live the most.

Arbonne International offers Nutritional products, for your diet, skin and body. No GMO-VEGAN-Board Certified "plant based" products that step up to the plate providing the best inside & out for your body. As a consultant, based on your individual needs we offer the highest quality in proven results. Contact me for healthy living options.

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