Juli Keene,
South Bay, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Years of experience 24

Total years in practice: 24

Practice Name
Juli Keene the Los Angeles Nutritionist
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Juli Keene,
Weight Problems
About me

Juli Keene the Los Angeles Nutritionist has been helping people optimize their nutrition since 1996. Juli is the go-to nutritionist for professional athletes, high-level performers & elite humans who can't afford not to look, feel & perform their absolute best.

Juli has a comprehensive clinical nutrition background that includes nutrition for autism, mood balance, substance abuse, and eating disorder recovery and she deeply understands the complicated biochemical factors that come with all of these health issues. Juli also created and ran corporate nutrition programs for companies including Chevron, Nissan, ExxonMobil, Verizon, Hermosa Beach City School District, and many others. Juli has been and currently works as a consultant to many supplement companies, television shows, movies, and studio executives. Juli has a book coming out & offers group programs online starting in early 2021.

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