Dawn Dunkin
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Dawn Dunkin
Cancer Care | Weight Problems
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Dawn Dunkin, BSN, CPHON Lifesyle Medicine Nurse/ Nutrition & Wellness Educator Los Angeles, CA Profession Hematology Oncology Nurse, Certified Lifestyle Medicine Nurse, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Wellness Educator, ? Career Preventive Care - helping those who are looking to make lifestyle changes in order to improve their quality of life and longevity. Changes that include nutrition analysis, exercise recommendations, and stress management techniques. Works with clients managing chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, IBS and more. Acts as a liaison between the client and their medical team in order to optimize treatment and enhance recovery. Past Sick Care - worked as a Pediatric Hematology Oncology Nurse for a prominent critical care hospital in Los Angeles, implementing traditional therapies such as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy. Background Trained extensively as a national competitive gymnast, worked as a professional dancer, and as a strength coach training athletes from novice to professional. It was in these pursuits Dawn learned the fundamental connection between quality nutrition, lifestyle, and performance. While working as an oncology nurse with kids and cancer, Dawn began to observe a disconnect between treating kids with conventional cancer therapies and educating families on the importance of nutrition, stress management, and other alternative means of therapy. These methods are known to enhance recovery and minimize some of the side effects that come with the traditional therapies of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, yet communication and implementation of these methods were minimal to none. It was then Dawn decided to shift her focus in the healthcare industry from sick care to preventative care in order to best serve the public and those struggling with disease. Passion/Belief When it comes to cancer and disease, Dawn continues to have a motivation and drive that is difficult to explain. She works intensively with clients, and their doctors, in the midst of their own critical health struggles, and she remains very involved in oncology research. Dawn studies exhaustively all methodology’s of cancer care, and she enjoys working on a blend of therapies to help clients progress to a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. Ultimately Dawn is a strong advocate for prevention, and believes wholeheartedly that we cannot give to others if we do not properly take care of ourselves. She believes it is in loving and honoring ourselves, through quality food, exercise, and other means of self care that we can truly honor others. Dawn considers herself a mentor, guide, and teacher and takes great pleasure in assisting others to become their best selves. It is her passion to help those struggling with their health to regain balance and focus, and to learn to maintain a sustainable healthy practice for a lifetime. ?Dawn looks forward to meeting you soon and to helping you get started on your wellness journey. xx

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