Total years in practice: 5

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Anna Marsh
Infertility | Weight Problems
About me

Hi! I’m Anna! I’m a South African settled in the sunny UK town of Bournemouth after doing the “city thing” in London for 7 years. I’m a beach girl at heart, I love spending time outdoors, especially by the sea. I am happily married to Ben with two black cat fur-babies, Willow and Jacob. I have a passion for all things health and fitness. I love to learn, hence a very long list of qualifications. My initial motivators were to help myself with my own personal challenges and now to help other women too. Through this passion I have created a way of living that I love. I love to move my body by walking on the beach, throwing heavy weights around and slowing down with yoga. I love food and I don’t believe a healthy body requires giving up everything you love. I stand firmly in the belief that chocolate is a health food to be consumed daily! I come from an academic family and I have studied a lot of “sciency stuff” to help myself and my clients. But I also have a softer “woo-woo” side – I’m an introverted empath and I’m a sucker for things like meditation, manifesting and really believe that energy is everything.

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