Miranda Jones, BScN, RN, NMY2
Naturopathic Medicine , Integrative Medicine
Greensburg, PA, USA
Years of experience 2

Total years in practice: 2

Practice Name
Wild women medicinee
Practitioner Name
Miranda Jones, BScN, RN, NMY2
Naturopathic Medicine | Integrative Medicine
Depression | Diabetes: Type I | Diabetes: Type II | Migraine
About me

Miranda Jones, CRNP is a Nurse Practitioner.

Dedicated to fair access to effective holistic health services for all as well as a lifetime of continual learning, Miranda Jones, RN has worked in a diverse array of environments including critical care, community health, integrative health and medical cannabis clinics. She is a current applicant for the CCNM's Naturopathic Doctor program in Fall 2019. Miranda is also a certified Holistic Life Coach and is looking for mentors/opportunities to compliment her entrepreneurial spirit.

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