Lina Capovilla,
Naturopathic Medicine , Nutrition
Melbourne VIC, Australia
Years of experience 7

Total years in practice: 7

Practice Name
Lina Capovilla
Practitioner Name
Lina Capovilla,
Naturopathic Medicine | Nutrition
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome | Food Allergies | Insomnia | Thyroid Diseases
About me

Lina is a clinical Naturopath and holistic nutritionist who is inspired about health and wellness. Health, food, connection, passion, inspiration, nourishment, and a balanced healthy happy lifestyle are central to Lina’s health philosophy.

Lina’s primarily focus with each client is on rebalancing the body when health issues arise, with a combination of the latest cutting edge research, technology and techniques, traditional knowledge and fundamental diet and lifestyle foundations.

Her approach is holistic, ensuing she has a comprehensive understanding of her client’s overall health and wellbeing, whilst focussing on the core health issue. Her approach is strategic, utilising thorough clinical testing and investigations to clarify what’s happening within the body, and to uncover the underlying cause. Whist ensuing she focusses on providing relief to her clients from the outset, her treatments are always focussed on finding the cause to people’s health issues and treating and working accordingly.

Partnering with other health professionals including Doctors, specialists, psychologists, acupuncturists and allied or other natural medicine practitioners is often integral to her treatments when supporting patients with chronic health conditions. This is very individualised depending on what each client requires. Integrating dietary, and lifestyle recommendations with simple practical strategies, along with the latest evidence based nutritional and herbal supplementation, Lina tailors individualised treatment protocols for each patient considering what is practical for patients.

Educating clients about their condition is paramount to her approach, as supporting and empowering individuals to have a clear understanding of their health is fundamental to ensuring that her clients are equip with the understanding and knowledge of how to manage and support their health in future.

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