Dr. Anjali Kasunich,
Naturopathic Medicine
Greater Los Angeles, CA, USA
Years of experience 4

Total years in practice: 4

Practice Name
Anjali Kasunich
Practitioner Name
Dr. Anjali Kasunich,
Naturopathic Medicine
Anxiety Disorders | Digestive Health
About me

Anjali (Barve) Kasunich, ND

Naturopathic Doctor & Founder at Mantra Natural Medicine

Hello! My patients call me Dr. Anjali. I'm a Naturopathic Doctor and founder of Mantra Natural Medicine, my private practice based out of Los Angeles. My mission is to help and guide individuals who are struggling with anxiety, digestive disorders and skin concerns to understand and heal the root cause of their symptoms. I use targeted, natural and gentle treatments to help my patients feel their very best.  

I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Dance, and graduated with honors, from Ursinus College. After college, I was chosen to train as a Medical Assistant under the guidance of Dr. Soram Khalsa in his Integrative Medical Clinic in Beverly Hills. It was there where I first witnessed Eastern and Western medicine being combined beautifully to heal patients and help them to stay well. 

I chose Bastyr University, a prestigious, 4-year, accredited Naturopathic Medical School in San Diego, and earned my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. After earning my Doctorate, I completed an Internship at True North Health Center - the leading facility specializing in medically-supervised water-fasting. I continued my training in Women's Health and Ayurveda at renowned clinics throughout California, including the Chopra Center in San Diego. 


Naturopathic Doctor & Holistic Health Educator

Company Name

Erewhon Part-time

Dates Employed

Jan 2020 – Present

Employment Duration

7 mos


Los Angeles, California, United States

- Create and develop educational wellness programs for the Health and Beauty Department, as well as the Tonic Bar

• Provide excellent customer service and support on the sales floor in the Nutrition Department

• Create employee training curriculum and programs, along with supplement specific and structure function based learning assessments

Naturopathic Doctor & Founder

Company Name

Mantra Natural Medicine

Dates Employed

Feb 2018 – Present

Employment Duration

2 yrs 6 mos


Toluca Lake, Los Angeles, California

I help my patients heal and thrive by addressing the root cause of their concerns. I utilize targeted, natural and gentle treatments to support their body's innate ability to heal.

In my private practice, I offer one-on-one consultations to give individualized attention and care. I also create educational workshops and programs where I can empower groups of people to understand the root causes of their symptoms and take charge of their own healing.

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