T Cruz
Herbal Therapy
London, England, United Kingdom
Years of experience 4

Total years in practice: 4

Practice Name
Herbal Abode-Medical Herbalist
Practitioner Name
T Cruz
BSc Herbal Medicine
Herbal Therapy
High Cholesterol | Leukorrhea (Vaginal Discharge) | Migraine
About me

A qualified Medical Herbalist and a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalist (NIMH)

I have if not forever, been dedicated and a lover of nature, simple things and healthy living. My degree in Herbal Medicine was as  a result of a need to help to heal others with, what I claim to have naturally, an intuitive insight into the needs of my clients. Herbs are a wonderful example, of nature at work, within each plant species,  lay numerous constituents and components, which have the ability to assist us humans in our healing by acting on various internal pathways. 

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