Mohammad kambiz Fereidooni,
Integrative Medicine
Greater New York City Area
Years of experience 25

Total years in practice: 25

Practice Name
Mohammad Kambiz Fereidooni
Practitioner Name
Mohammad kambiz Fereidooni,
Integrative Medicine
Chronic Pain
About me

Mohammad Kambiz Fereidooni

When you resist life persist. Never give up and always look up. The one who can’t see you are not the one to worry about, the one who needs you are the one we connect with, whatever the path maybe it won’t be easy to cross the river without a friend. A friend is one who stands by you even when you are wrong because this what friends are for. we all have a skeleton in the closet. What you think of me is what i think of you, but before you go know that I really love you as you are and wish the best for you even if is hard for you to love me as I am.

Specialties: Emotional release, reflexology, raindrop therapy, five elements herbology, Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki master, yoga, meditation, nutritional cleansing, weight loss, Ayurvedic Marma Point therapy, crystal healing, sound and light, Shamanic cleansing and teachings

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