Total years in practice: 5

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Lucy De pieri
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Lucy De Pieri Helping With Your Healing Journey Lucy is kind-hearted, open-minded, non-judgemental, and understanding. She is supportive and patients feel very comfortable to talk with her, thus beginning their healing process. Lucy has helped many people, from babies that were not able to nurse, to adults with severe , to women with menstrual and infertility issues, to people with different types of addictions, to individuals suffering from abuse, neglect, and suicidal thoughts. She helped people recover from surgeries and seniors with arthritis and rheumatism. People suffering from concussions and car accidents benefitted from seeing being treated homeopathically. Lucy has helped many people that have been told by their doctor that s/he could no longer help them. She has seen people with extreme sensitivities and people that had given up on themselves, and many other, and they all benefitted from homeopathy. She has been told that she is “gifted” and even “a miracle worker”, regardless of these comments, Lucy knows that homeopathy can help people that want to get better. Lucy is passionate about Homeopathy for the simple reason that it works, it is gentle, safe for all ages, it is non-toxic and not addictive and it has no side effects! In fact, Homeopathy saved Lucy’s life, literally. Homeopathy directly benefits the patient’s physical and emotional health, it changes how they perceive life, meaning that decision making improves. When as an individual is healthier, the people closed to her/him, also benefit, as the individual many not be angry, or easily upset or irritable or working too much as before homeopathic care…. as ultimately we are all connected. Homeopathy also helps with long-term health because once the Vital Force of the patient is in balance, the individuals’ health becomes resilient enabling better adaption to changes. Lucy feels immense joy when a patient can say “no matter what happens, I can handle it”, as this is the deep level of health that Lucy strives to see in all of her patients.

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