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Julian Jonas
Anxiety Disorders | Chronic Fatigue Syndrome | Depression | Insomnia
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Julian Jonas has over 35 years of experience as a healthcare practitioner. The son of a medical doctor and nurse, he has literally been involved in healthcare his entire life. Some of his earliest memories consist of making house calls and hospital rounds with his father. A graduate of Cornell University with a degree in Asian languages and philosophy, he lived in Asia for 10 years where he studied and practiced Oriental Medicine. After graduating from the Meiji College of Oriental Medicine in Osaka, Japan in the early 1980's, Jonas maintained his own clinic in Japan before spending two years running a village health care project under the auspices of the Department of Indigenous Medicine in Sri Lanka. Although he had been introduced to and captivated by the profound healing power of homeopathic medicine earlier in his career, his formal homeopathic studies only began after returning to the United States and establishing a practice in Vermont in the late 1980's. A graduate of the New England School of Homeopathy and the North American Homeopathic Master Clinician Course, he has studied with some of the foremost practitioners and teachers around the world. He has published many articles on natural healthcare and has served as an instructor at the New England School for Acupuncture, the New England School for Homeopathy, the Finger Lakes School for Homeopathy, the Teliosis School of Homeopathy, as well as the North East College of Healing Arts and Science. In recent years, he has also had the opportunity to work in Africa as a volunteer with the Ghana Homeopathy Project and the Swaziland Homeopathy Project. At present, Jonas maintains a private homeopathic practice and is the homeopathic consultant to the Inner Fire Residential Healing Community. He is also active teaching and writing about natural healthcare, and continues his volunteer activities.

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