Nikki Murphy,
Holistic Medicine
25 N County Line Rd, Jackson, NJ 08527, USA
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Total years in practice: 6

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Wholistic alignment
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Nikki Murphy,
Holistic Medicine
About me

My health journey began in January 2018 when I was hospitalized for 3 days with a gastrointestinal hemorrhage - my intestines were bleeding and I couldn't tolerate food or water. The pain was the worst I had ever experienced - at the time, I've experienced flares much more extreme since then. Needless to say, I know what it's like to be sick. 

During this hospital stay I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease after a colonoscopy. That day a doctor stood at my bedside and told me that nothing I could do would make any difference in my condition, nothing I eat or don't eat would change anything, and nothing in my past experiences created any of this. He said that medication was the only answer. Although I didn't have any concrete reason not to believe him, thankfully I didn't, or else we wouldn't be here today.

With my new diagnosis, my eyes began to open to the gaps in our current health care system. Especially working as a nurse in the hospital. I practiced at the bedside for 6 years, Oncology and Intensive Care.

The first year of my diagnosis was pretty lonely, eliminating food after food, determined to heal my gut through diet, but lacked guidance and knowledge.

A few months into 2019, the Universe led me to my teacher and friend, Jason Persaud. It was by complete chance, on Instagram, me in NJ, him in Toronto. I wasn't looking for a practitioner, coach, or mentor, but there he was. Jason helped me identify mental, emotional, and physical root causes to my disease immediately, and this is when my healing process truly began.

It was in our first visit together that we both knew I would do this work with others too. And here I am. I started my practice in February of 2020, while enrolled in Quantum Health Institute, and have been helping my clients with their chronic health issues and symptoms ever since.

My practice is a reflection of my health journey and everything I have learned along the way. I've peeled back an enormous amount of layers in the last three years. I'm still very much in my healing process, I believe we all are, as long as we are here on Earth. It is my mission to help others find their own path of healing, to remember who they are underneath all of the conditioning, all the repressed emotions and experiences that are clouding their light and vitality

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