Vanessa Gasparin,
Holistic Medicine
South America
Years of experience 5

Total years in practice: 5

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vanessa Gasparin
Practitioner Name
Vanessa Gasparin,
Holistic Medicine
Chronic Pain
About me

My training includes a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and numerous natural and holistic medicine course diplomas, which make me today a certified sound therapist, fitness trainer, meditation teacher and holistic art therapist.

I strongly believe that knowing the body is mandatory if you wanna work with the energy and the mind, so in my training I deepend the physical and scientific knowledge behind the holistic practices I deal with, and I keep studying.

My life hasn't always been''easy''. Today I can say I feel very good, but it took me and keeps taking me a lot of work.

After I have graduated in fine Arts I dedicated myself completely on a deep work on myself and on the issues I have had since I was a child.

Although I practiced yoga and meditation for a long time I have not always been constant, and over the years I lost myself many times.

One day I felt like I touched the botton and a strong need for a change arised inside me.

I asked for help. The Universe gave me answers, guides, and new roads to walk on.

I had to destroy and rebuild myself completely, piece by piece, habits by habits, day by day.

I can say I did it somehow, also thanks to the help of amazing teachers, shamans, and gurus I met on my path over the years. I built new habits, I behave differently and today I feel more like myself.

The experience that changed the most my perception of the world is pretty recent. In the last months of 2019 I traveled through Ecuador, South America, from the beach, to the jungle, to the Andes mountains.

In the Andes I spend two months observing and helping shamans in their routines and rituals.

I was just curious at the beginning, then I started taking part in the ceremonies, and one Ayahuasca ceremony in particular changed my life.

That night a lot of parts that I tried to change in my life, DIED, and I felt so much space.

It felt like I was born again with a lot of space to fill with what I wanted, and I decided to fill it with love, gratitude, positivity.

I discovered in me a new perspective, new sensitivity, new ideas, new visions.

I suffered for many years from panic attack, anxiety, stress disorder, fear, anger, and I worked a lot to rise upon them. I knew my traumas, but Ayahuasca helped me to process them more than psychologists have ever done.

You know, traumas are not things you overcome and that's it.

You have to live with them, you have to accept them, sometimes it's easier sometimes it's harder and we are just humans. There is no right or wrong way to do so, it's an ongoing process that will never end.

We, as humans, are an ongoing process.

In the process, I discovered my mission.

During my first Ayahuasca ceremony I heard a voice telling me that my mission is to help people through Music and Art, and that HEALING OTHERS IS THE KEY TO HEAL MYSELF.

My reaction was skeptical at first, but Oh God!!!

A lot of things happened from that moment. The Universe started giving me signs of every kind, or better, I was just more open and aware to receive them.

Understanding and embracing my mission was one of the best moments of my life.

When I got home I resumed the studies I had started during the university about art therapy and sound therapy because I had a lot of time off working online only for few hours a day.

With my lovely partner, we started a new deep inner journey in search of new sounds, that is still enriching us every day, as people and as a couple. When I do muisic and sound baths alone is beautiful, when we do them together it is just magic.

As a meditation practioner I also decided to start digging a little deeper into various tehcniques of meditation. I learned new active meditations like qi gong or walking meditation.

I studied and practiced new pranayama techniques I did not know, and I completed my multi style yoga teacher training. Despite this, I don't feel that my mission is in teaching asanas at the moment, so I don't, even if I practice them often and consider them of vital importance.

In less then a month the WAVE project was born, at least in my head.

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