Nicole Feldman,
Herbal Therapy
San Francisco, California, United States
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Total years in practice: 5

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nicole feldman
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Nicole Feldman,
Herbal Therapy
About me

  What inspired me to get into coaching was the direction my life was traveling in, I was always a unique source of inspiration to family, friends and community members, it wasn’t easy but it deftly was worth it . The moment happened after I recovered from a traumatic experience and still had hope, I knew then that my purpose was to help others overcome and thrive. The thing i love most about coaching is learning the experiences of others and empathizing with them to create a better experience for them in the future. The amazing thing about coaching is that your growth with your clients is a constant state of elevation for all party’s .

       One of the most difficult things I've learned about coaching is that it's my job to help people to learn to be a better version of them and not a carbon copy of me. I caught onto that pretty quickly. To me that’s top priority next to privacy, we guide our clients to be the best versions of themselves not a cheap basement version of us. When the richness, authenticity, strength of character and will power of the client actualize their goals, and living intentionally happens right before your eyes;I certainly embrace contentment in that fact. Simply being a part of another spiritual being's growth, in hindsight spiritually grows you as a being.

  The thing that makes me a life coach of value is my patience, uniqueness, spiritual take on overall wellness, so many emotional, mental issues can be traced back to our dna, heritage, community and diet.To be aware and proactiv source it's imperative that i take a stand in implementing wellness goals for every aspect of the human experience, many client's love how one on one I'm, it takes away the fact that, they're aren't just another client. My ability to get personal without any unhealthy attachments or non-reasonable demands.

I have been featured on many radio shows, blogs and also events for wellness, being present in the community is a top priority for me , I've also hosted dynamic weekly call in healing/possibility/solution sessions with a Dynamic Brother out of Michigan for over the Past year Ali Dirul, =. Hosting healing call-ins for women seasonal as a group therapy tool for women in the community, to bond, share, grow, and elevate. To me there's no growth without giving back to your own environment. I created a few blogs, for relationships and wellness through herb therapy. I'm now taking a course in clinical Psychology and my hope is to use these skills obtained to innerstand the human mind at an more in-depth level in this physical realm experience.

 I am a mother, healer, cplc ( Certified Professional Life Coach) twice over, Professional photographer/ graphic designer, Hm (Herbalist), so many accolades on my belt they'll add up to me the urban farmer, living intentionally , being a raw bio mineral vegan, agricultural activist, homeschooler , urban farmer and homesteader, i love to write books, blogs, create vlogs and other educational resources for the community i serve., who believes that culture is so important and being well is even more imperative to enjoy your culture.

This is a family business, and we use our knowledge to educate, heal, empower, sustain and grow in our daily lives,

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