Stiana Hubert,
Functional Medicine , Nutrition
United Kingdom
Years of experience 3

Total years in practice: 3

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The Wellness Junction
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Stiana Hubert,
Functional Medicine | Nutrition
Digestive Health | Thyroid Health
About me

In Functional Medicine, we focus on looking beyond the symptoms, so that we can identify and address the root causes of disease. We pay close attention to the impact that diet, lifestyle, emotional and environmental factors have on a person’s health and use this information to establish the origin of someone’s health problems. We often use functional testing to support our quest to identify the root causes.

To really understand what is going on with your health, we try and look at the whole picture so that we can give you the best support.

How can a Functional Medicine approach help you?

Instead of looking at ways to mask your symptoms, we want to understand why you have the symptoms in the first place? By understanding the underlying factors that has driven imbalance in your body, it enables us to restore the imbalance and bring you back to health. Thyroid and gut dysfunction are often the result of a myriad of problems and whilst thyroid medication can improve symptoms and quality of life, it doesn’t address the underlying factors that triggered the imbalance in the first place. The same with gut health, so many people with IBS, SIBO, indigestion and more, might see small improvements by using the FODMAP diet or using a SIBO specific diet, but unless you address the underlying issues, the problem will continue and you will experience ongoing relapses and over time progressively get worse.

Functional medicine is a safe and effective model and has been improving lives for thousands of people around the world. By embarking on this journey with me, you can restore your gut, revive your thyroid, renew your vitality and reclaim your health.

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