Alice Lee
Energy Medicine , Functional Medicine + 3
Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States
Years of experience 17

Total years in practice: 17

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Alice Lee
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Alice Lee
Energy Medicine | Functional Medicine | Psychiatry
ADHD/ADD | Anxiety Disorders | Depression | Mental Health And Behavior
About me

I am a Holistic Psychiatrist. Born in Taiwan, raised in Utah, and living now in Maryland, I have ranged just as widely in my interests: from an early interest in creative writing, on to allopathic medicine, into orthomolecular psychiatry, and onward to energy medicine. Life has been for me a mix of contrasting experiences, widely varied in perspective and effect, helping me to develop a knack for integrating ideas, creating synthesis, and connecting concepts. As a holistic psychiatrist, I integrate at least three fields of study: allopathic psychiatry, orthomolecular psychiatry, and energy medicine. Each field has its history of supporting scientific and empirical evidence: biochemistry, neuroanatomy, nutrition, quantum physics, and Eastern medicine. I was trained at the University of Maryland in adult psychiatry, spending a whole year concentrating on the treatment of eating disorders. Then I trained as a child and adolescent psychiatrist at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. In both training centers, the education was superb and well balanced in both psychopharmacology and psychotherapy. However, my work in orthomolecular psychiatry began when I encountered patients who came to me young, chronically ill despite being heavily medicated, and debilitated by medication side effects. I looked for a way to help these young people find a better way to health. My search led to nutritional supplements, and my early clinical experiences with them convinced me that they had powerful healing value. Those early patients have been able to come off all medications and move on with their lives. By being an orthomolecular psychiatrist and one familiar with energy healing, my clinical goals have changed over the years. In the past, my clinical goal was to help patients be well while on medication. Now, my clinical goal is to help patients to no longer be patients. Using nutritional supplementation and integrating healing techniques in energy medicine have freed many patients in my care from a dependency on medications and on me. More than that, it has returned them to a state of true health and wellness. My education in orthomolecular psychiatry and energy medicine continues to grow through conferences, books, and direct mentorship by other orthomolecular physicians and energy healers. Today, many conferences in orthomolecular psychiatry/medicine provide continuing medical education (CME) credit hours–a new and welcome trend that supports the medical science behind this treatment approach. However, the more I learn about the biochemistry of nutritional healing, the more I comprehend its complexity. The cost for nutritional supplements can be high and the amount needed for healing may be too expensive for some patients to afford. Simplicity is also needed. I believe that energy medicine can simplify healing. Many techniques in the field of energy medicine are simple to learn, widely applicable, and highly efficacious. Often times, energy medicine also has the added advantage of being pill-free. In 2005, I presented at the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) on the use of consciousness and intention in healing mental illness. I have developed a systematic approach in the field of energy medicine using consciousness, intention, and meditative visualization to facilitate healing. Through my writing, teaching, and digital content, I intend to educate others about the profound possibilities for transformation and healing when a practitioner synthesizes orthomolecular psychiatry and energy medicine. My life is dedicated to creative freedom through healing the mind. Through service, education, healing, and simply being, my goal is to help move creative freedom into new frontiers for the 21st century.

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