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Rachel Everett
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Rachel Everette, RDN, LDN
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Abdominal Bloating | Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
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Hi, Y'all!I’m Rachel Everett, your IBS and SIBO dietitian! 

 Let me start by saying -- I know how you feel. 

I struggled with IBS symptoms for over 15 years before I found lasting relief. I remember many instances in my teens and early 20’s feeling acutely aware that food seemed to be more a struggle for me than it was for others.  

I was frustrated that I couldn’t eat whatever I wanted without feeling like my body was betraying me, and I remember going on vacation with my family and not having a bowel movement for weeks(!!). If you haven’t experienced that, let me just say it was miserable. All these digestive issues had me trying all the diets. I became interested in pursuing a career in nutrition mostly because I wanted to find answers for my own issues.

While I was studying for my Master’s in Clinical Nutrition to become a dietitian, I learned how to make decisions about my diet and lifestyle that gave me control over my debilitating symptoms. For the first time I had hope that I didn’t have to live each day worrying about what I was going to eat and how my body would react.

But then seemingly out of nowhere my symptoms came back with a vengeance -- and this time the bloat was uncontrollable. I remember cancelling evening plans because I looked 6 months pregnant with bloat and had no energy, or going home early from social events because my stomach hurt so much that I couldn’t stand up straight. No matter how healthy I ate, I would look pregnant at night. As a dietitian, this was mind-boggling and extremely frustrating.

At this point I had heard of SIBO, but there really wasn’t much awareness of it back then. In grad school we touched on it briefly and learned that you could only get it if you had a major gut surgery, which didn’t apply to me. But now years later, I was attending a nutrition conference and I heard some new research presented that changed everything: SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) was the cause of 84% of IBS cases and you didn’t have to have major surgery to get it. Obviously I ran to get tested, and when my SIBO results came back positive, I felt so relieved. I finally had answers. My body wasn’t mysteriously broken and there was hope!

It was a process, but after I cleared SIBO, rebalanced my gut bacteria and healed my gut, my IBS symptoms disappeared. The time, money and effort was SO worth it because I was finally free! No more bloat. No more food intolerances. No more baggy clothes. No more food fear.

Now that I had my life back, I realized that I couldn’t hold this information to myself while so many women were suffering with the same symptoms, so I decided to share everything that I learned to help other women get their life back too.

Fast forward to today and it’s been such a joy to help so many women experience lasting, life-changing relief from bloat and IBS symptoms so that they can truly live life to its fullest by focusing on their passions, relationships, calling and purpose!


Bachelors of Science in Basic Exercise Physiology, Texas A&M University

Master’s in Clinical Nutrition, UT Southwestern Medical School

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)

Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (LDN)

SIBO Mastery Program Certification

Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy 

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