Melody Watts,
Chiropractic , Functional Medicine
Meridian, Idaho, United States
Years of experience 20

Total years in practice: 20

Practice Name
Melody Watts - Chiropractic, Functional Medicine
Practitioner Name
Melody Watts,
Chiropractic | Functional Medicine
Chronic Pain
About me

Melody's journey stared in 1999 when she began working as an office manager in a chiropractic office. She attended CE credits intended for chiropractors and gained a plethora of education on the advanced research, techniques, and the science of chiropractic from neurology to radiology, to biochemistry! This set her on a mission to tell the world about true healing, chiropractic and natural solutions. Over her 22 years experience she struggled herself with Lyme disease and other health challenges that come with it. She has 2 children who inherited some of her autoimmune tendencies. Through years of research, digging and training in biochemistry, she was able to help her children thrive in their current genetic expression and become extremely healthy! She is still battling some side effects of lyme but is thriving and able to use 95% of her therapies and treatment medication free! Her goal is to help others experience the health freedom that is available through plant based solutions and alternative medicine through chiropractic, lifestyle, and proper use of certified pure essential oils

The body is a beautifully designed, self-healing machine. Her vision is to increase the understanding of the importance of being mindful of what goes into the body, topically on the body, and into the mind. Everyone has a right to understand the basic functions of their own body and she seeks to mentor others on their healing journey. During this time she spent 10 years helping others in a clinical setting as an office manager for chiropractic clinics. Her experience with alternative medicine spans 22 years! 10 of those with doTERRA essential oils. 

Through her journey, she couldn’t keep her health secrets to herself! Sharing natural health options and business strategy is something she has loved since her Chiropractic office manger days!  For the last 8 years she has become a top .03% rep in a 2 billion dollar a year company (doTERRA).  She helps health practitioners and health influencers who want a better quality of life, create time and income freedom by incorporating the cutting edge health trend of essential oils into their businesses. Because of her work as a top .03% rep, a 7 figure yearly earner, and 10 years in chiropractic offices, her business experience spans 22 years of business, making her a perfect mentor for anyone wanting high level business strategy to create subscription based memberships for your clients/patients that have a 65% retention rate in the fastest growing supplement and essential oil company in the world. doTERRA is projected to be in its growth phase according to 3rd party market analysts for the next 5 years.

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