Total years in practice: 5

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Vesna Gino
Anxiety Disorders | Back Pain | Gastrointestinal
About me

Vesna Gino utilizes holistic and science-backed techniques to making women’s lives less toxic. She is a certified integrative health professional through her training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Institute for Nutritional Leadership and also a certified Reiki healer and Ayurvedic Massage Practitioner. She is proud to have been trained by some of the world most respected health and wellness experts including: Joshua Rosenthal, Deepak Chopra, David Katz, Walter Willett, Dr. Andrew Weil, Gabrielle Bernstein, Mark Hyman, David Wolfe, Marion Nestle, Dr. Christian Northrup, Dr. Josh Axe, Venus Williams and many more. She is a coach, consultant and educator to individuals, wellness studios and events, entrepreneurand creator of wellness programs and radio host of Zest for Life. I believe ‘wellness’ is never static or to be seen as a destination. Ongoing training, adaptability, curiosity, and an ingrained passion are my key ingredients to being relevant in our ever evolving flow of what is well.

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