Adam Adam,
903, Rio Grande, Fortaleza, Kalyani Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411006, India
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Total years in practice: 10

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Adam Adam,
Chronic Pain
About me

Adam Aswani (Founder, CEO)

B.S. Life Sciences

M.S. Biotechnology

(Specialization in Genetic Studies)

M.S. Food Science and Nutrition

(Emphasis on Sports Nutrition)

Adam Aswani is inherently a Biologist, with a Specialization in Genetic Sciences. Adam has always been in the pursuit of understanding the Human Being fundamentally: The core Biology, Functionality, and Evolutionary pattern.

His research interest during his Masters in Nutrition at California State University, was in Sports Nutrition; Developing Performance Enhancers for Athletes. He also worked in Agriculture and Food Production and Processing in the San Joaquin Valley in Central California.

Adam returned to India in 2012 and has since been working in the field of Natural Healing and Alternative Therapies. He also apprenticed with an Ayurvedic Doctor to study and understand the Principles of Ayurveda and how it explains the simple fundamentals of Human Existence and Health. Along the way, Adam discovered the magic of the molecules hidden in our Plant Kingdom. He moved to Anjuna, Goa where he set up a makeshift laboratory to develop formulations using concentrated botanical extracts.

Adam tries to integrate his understanding of Genetics and Human Nutrition to create a Matrix that could help Human beings optimize their ability and potential for functionality. The Synerveda range of Herbal concoctions and Natural Processes is his understanding of Human Biology, to help Man Synergize with nature and improve his potential for Growth, Progress, and Evolution.

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