Nadira suzanne Samaroo
1205 North Federal Highway, Lake Worth, Florida 33460
Years of experience 6

Total years in practice: 6

Practice Name
Ms. Nadira Suzanne Samaroo - Nadisam Ayurveda
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Nadira suzanne Samaroo
Chronic Pain
About me

Nadira is an Ayurvedic Practitioner trained in several Ayurvedic therapies, bringing the Mind, Body & Spirit back to a balanced state. From an Indian and Ayurvedic background, she also naturally has a deep interest in spirituality. Illness brought her back to her roots. Nadira fell ill and began to take different steroid medications, but as the years went by, the steroids affected her kidneys, caused weight gain, chronic hives, water retention, high glucose levels & severe muscle pain. Her breathing began to worsen and caused her to be hospitalized several times in a season. The symptoms kept coming back despite the treatments that she was receiving. She began to seek other alternatives as well as a warmer climate. She moved to Florida where she accepted a position as an IT Director in Delray Beach and came across Sai College located in Kendall. She immediately enrolled and 2 years later she completed her training as an Ayurvedic Practitioner. She has since successfully become much healthier and is no longer on steroid medications or other medications. Ayurveda is her way of life. Now her goal is to help her clients create balance and harmony from within and to guide them towards optimum health as well. In 2013, she went to Kerala, India on an internship under the supervision of several Ayurvedic Physicians at the Angie Ayurvedic Center. Nadira continued to advance her studies, by attending advance programs at Mount Madonna & Seminars with Dr. Deepak Chopra. In 2016, Nadira was invited to attend the Guru Kula Program and study with Dr. Vasant Lad in Pune, India. This was a dream come true, the opportunity to study with an amazing Doctor. Nadira is an active member of the Nama & Global Ayurvedic Organizations. She has achieved keeping her health challenges in balance and has been off of steroids medications for several years. Now, she help her clients in creating balance from within, harmony is achieved, and she is able to guide them towards optimum health. Nadira has a deep interest in health and spirituality; she believes in the importance of the mind, body, balance and strives to help her clients achieve this.

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