Linda Rowe
Ayurveda , Yoga
Suite 7 Yoga & Ayurveda, 2 Water St, Houlton, Maine 04730, USA
Years of experience 25

Total years in practice: 25

Practice Name
Ms. Linda Lee Rowe - Suite 7 Yoga & Ayurveda
Practitioner Name
Linda Rowe
Ayurvedic Practitioner | B.A. Speech Communication | M.A. Higher Education Admin. | Registered Yoga Teacher | Svastha Acarya
Ayurveda | Yoga
Digestive Health | Hypothyroidism | Mental Health And Behavior | Skin Diseases | Stress
About me

Linda Rowe (Hutchinson) began her yoga journey in 1994. She brings varied experiences to her classes, which include the teachings of Yogi Amrit Desai, Bhagavan Das and Swami Divyananda Saraswatiji. Her practice begin in New Paltz, NY, at the Mid Hudson School of Yoga and continued with Kim Valeri of YogaSpirit Studios in Essex, MA. Linda is a Registered Yoga Teacher, which certifies her to teach Yoga safely and properly. Her Yoga classes include an eclectic mix including Kripalu, Iyengar and Anusara influences. She began informal Āyurveda study on her own for several years. This lead her to study with Maya Tiwari of Wise Earth Āyurveda and Jai Dev of Floracopeia. In 2012, she began formal studies with Dr. Paul Dugliss of New World Ayurveda to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner. She is also a Level II Reiki practitioner and works with other energy modalities. In January 2017, Linda studied Āyurveda with Dr. Jessica Vellela, BAMS and the American Āyurvedic Academy (now called Āyu Academy). She continues studies on her own, learning from the classic texts of Caraka, Suśruta, Aṣṭāṅga Hṛdayam. While living in New Paltz, NY, Linda managed a Bed & Breakfast, facilitated stress management workshops and taught Yoga on the side. She set off on a deep search that Summer – both inwardly and out. She continued her journaling, meditation and rune readings in hopes of charting a map for her next journey – wherever it may lead. She attributes her strength through these life changes from the support she received from her friends and while in the presence of her teachers – Ammachi, Swamiji, Yogi Desai and Karunamayi. This lead to starting her business – The Mindful Way, which in now known as Suite & Yoga & Āyurveda. A native to Southern Maine, Linda always had a passion to live under the cover of wooded skyscrapers and amongst the random-growing wildflowers that carpet the vast northern countryside. She wrote in her journal: “I will follow my heart to Houlton.” Little did she suspect, her heart would meet her future husband – in the form of a pastor (of a local Houlton Unitarian church) and like-minded off-grid living enthusiast. Her love for the backwoods combined with an ongoing pursuit for a “natural state of mind,” compelled Linda to share not only her knowledge of a centuries-old system of healing – but to share her experiences living in the natural world. Hence, the Backwoods Yogini was born. In November 2015, Linda recorded her first podcast episode at the local Houlton radio station, WHOU, to reach a wider audience. These short, but concise, recordings layout the basic principles of Āyurveda and how one may utilize these lifestyle and dietary changes to shape healthier lives – both mentally and physically. With healthcare costs on the rise every year, Āyurveda can offer many low-cost and self-healing solutions for the individual who seeks change. Linda’s passion to teach fills her calendar with Yoga classes and Āyurveda consults each week. Currently, she teaches only out of her Houlton studio at varying levels of difficulty based on her students’ needs. Linda received her B.A. in Speech Communication from the University of Maine at Orono (’85) and later, her M.A. in Higher Education Administration from UCONN (’91). She lives off-grid in the northern backwoods of Maine with her husband, Dave.

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