Kinjal Patel,
41 Tollgate Drive, Hayes, London UB4 0NP
Years of experience 5

Total years in practice: 5

Practice Name
Dr. Kinjal Patel - Ayurveda
Practitioner Name
Kinjal Patel,
Chronic Pain
About me

Dr.Patel’s Ayurveda Centre is a respected name in the Ayurveda fraternity in London. It is Founded & run by the most appreciated personality Mr.Vandan Patel & Ayurveda Physician Dr.Kinjal Patel. Dr.Patel’s  Ayurveda Centre serves the patients with authentic Ayurveda Treatment & yoga for almost all chronic and acute disorders and provides the optimum physical, psychological, social, and spiritual well being.

We are here to find out the actual root cause which is responsible for your health problems. Once the actual root cause is removed from the patient’s lifestyle, the journey towards complete health becomes very easy. We act as a lifeline bridge between you and the authentic Ayurveda. We provide standardized, collected, formulated, pure, potent, and effective herbal preparation with purpose of health and safety of the patient. In addition, patients must need regular follow up and specific diet disciplines to avoid recurrence of the disease.

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