Harleen Wason,
Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Years of experience 10

Total years in practice: 10

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Dr. Harleen Wason
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Harleen Wason,
Chronic Pain
English | Hindi
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"In my medical career that spreads over a decade and a half, I have well-deduced that Stress and Corporate world go hand-in-hand. I happened to get in touch with patients as young as 25 years old who were taking antihypertensive medications, anti-anxiety pills, and cholesterol-lowering drugs for long. Prescription medicines were just taking care of the symptoms without doing any good to the underlying causes, which in most cases were stress, psychological upheaval, postural abnormalities, excess screen time, faulty dietetic habits, and lifestyle. The advent of multi-nationals and allied employment opportunities have definitely made us financially very independent but it comes with its own bundle where employees are too much stressed out over meeting deadlines such that they ignore their most essential requirement of well-timed meals and appropriate sleep hours, making them prone to various disorders, ranging from indigestion, anxiety, lumbago to panic attacks, hypertension, hormonal abnormalities and, even, infertility. Rather than medications at the outset, these disorders require a multi-faceted approach. With meticulously chosen and customized diet and lifestyle instructions, most of these disorders can be taken care of along with minimal and short-term therapy.

Mine is an extensively research-oriented outlook and I believe in re-establishing harmony over the disturbed equilibrium of internal milieu with the safest herbal approach and counseling before jumping over medications that need to be taken for life. I sincerely abide by the principle of living life to the fullest but, at the same time, giving due consideration to your body because that constitutes your first and foremost temple which shouldn’t be disregarded at any cost.

Meeting new people, reading, enjoying the gifts of nature, and spending quality time with friends and family keep me perked up and refreshed all through!"

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