Dr. Jane Smolnik,


Practice Name Ultimate Healing
Education Advanced Light Therapy Instruc | Certified Intuitive Healer | Diplomat in Holistic Iridology | Doctorate of Natural Medicine | Master Herbalist
Specialties | | | | Energy Medicine | | Herbal Therapy | Holistic Medicine | | | | Naturopathic Medicine | | Nutrition | | | | |
Conditions Acidity | ADHD/ADD | Ear Ache | Epilepsy | Fibromyalgia | Gout | High Cholesterol | Hip pain | Menstrual Bleeding (Heavy) | Nausea | Sleep Disorders | Stroke
Language English
Experience 26
About Me

Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor,  Master Herbalist, Clinical Kinesiologist, and Transformational Health Coach with almost 30 years of experience.   A personal consultation with Jane is compassionate, insightful, and inspiring!  It includes a comprehensive BioChemistry Health Questionnaire.  She will look at all aspects of diet and lifestyle, emotional trauma's, personal and genetic influences to ascertain the most advantageous health plan and advice for each person. Usually short-term advice is suggested followed by a longer-term plan of preventative action. 

Her specialty is helping people recover from Adrenal stress and fatigue, as well as auto-immune conditions.  Looking for the underlying root cause and restoring balance and vitality.   This may include endocrine balancing, detoxification, immune support, improving cardiovascular circulation, and stress-reduction.

At the end of the consultation Jane will provide you with a recommended natural health program based on your individual requirements, and her extensive ongoing training and experience. The advice may include information on herbals, nutritional supplements, glandulars, flower essences, or other therapeutic protocols.   Nutritional requirements and dietary suggestions involving foods to include or avoid within your diet, fluid intake, exercise patterns, stress reduction, emotional issues or other supportive therapies will be included.   You will receive a personalized Health Plan complete with all your information included.

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