Mk Shastry
Acupuncture , Integrative Medicine
25 Case Studies
Bharalumukh, Guwahati, Assam 781009, India
Years of experience 10

Total years in practice: 10

Practice Name
Acu Pain Care
Practitioner Name
Mk Shastry
Acupuncture | Integrative Medicine
Back Pain | Neck Pain | Sciatica | Shoulder Pain
Assamese | English | Hindi
About me

I have developed advance concepts of Acupuncture and pain Management with neural studies . I am founder of Vedic Acupuncture and President of International Tung Association, India. I am the first Indian to author Tung Acupuncture Book from India  and founder of Tung , Tan , and Indian Acupuncture in India. 

I use the following methods for effective and fast recovery with very few needles. 

Acupuncture Protocols:

- Tan Balance methods Internal methods and Global balance 

- Indian Acupuncture system . Euclidean geometric theory and new model of - - Auricular acupuncture . Treat the disease with few needles and most of the symptoms are subsided. 

- Korean acupuncture 4 needle techniques

I have developed lecture series on Acupuncture and teach other Acupuncturist in India and have helped so many lives to heal. I have also developed an app called Acupainpoint Acupuncture to teach acupuncture and how it can help heal so many conditions.

I teach “International Congress on Integrative cum Physical and Internal medicine and Intensive Course in Advanced Acupuncture with Osteopathy cum Chiropathy & Kinesio Tapping & Age Old powerful Cupping Techniques & Moxibustion. The Future of Comprehensive Patient Care”.

- International Congress cum Intensive Course in Integrated Medicine & Acupuncture.

- Cupping & Moxibution.

- Osteopathy & Kinesiotapping

- Integrative & Physical Medicine

Advanced Acupuncture

- Best management for orthopaedics ,pain,neurosurgery, post-operative care & allied sciences.

- Acupuncture: TCM, Meridian, TAN balance cum I-Ching,Global & Dynamic balance, Tung, Advanced Tung, YNSA, Indian Scalp(12 holography), geo scalp & higher scalp.

- Auricular Acupuncture: Chinese Tung,French Tung,NADA,battlefield, EOV, Cancer & Palliative Care & Internal Medicine

- Acupuncture is one of the most effective treatment for all type of pain, nervous disorders and paralysis with no side effects. 

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