Ms. Michelle Mulliss, Acupuncture

10 Harley Street, London, United Kingdom WG19PF

 Years of experience  5

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Specialties Acupuncture
Conditions Infertility | Women's Health And Pregnancy
Language English
Experience 5
About Me Michelle Mulliss is a globally known reproductive and general natural health Expert in Harley Street, and has success outcomes of up to 85% of all those who undergo her treatment program. As a doctor in Traditional Medicine, Michelle is considered to be UK's only natural gynaecologist to have studied an MSc in Reproductive Medicine and Traditional Medicine to bring together a unique integrated approach for the management of gynaecology & reproductive health matters in all areas of fertility, pregnancy, and menopause. Although Michelle's specialty is in reproductive health, her expertise covers many areas of chronic and long term health, and as an International medical conference guest speaker, you can be assured that Michelle's expertise along with her team brings great understanding and care for all your health needs.

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