Dr. Anderson Goncalves,
Pompano Beach, FL, USA
Years of experience 11

Total years in practice: 11

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Dr. Anderson Goncalves
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Dr. Anderson Goncalves,
Autoimmune Disease | Brain Health | Eye Diseases | Muscloskeletal Pain
About me

Acupuncture Physician with a doctorate in acupuncture and oriental medicine. Founder of Dr. Anderson Integrative Medicine and Dr. Anderson Weight Loss.

Dr. Anderson is blessed to have received medical training from Florida's best TCM physicians from China and internationally renowned medical doctors such as Dr. Raul Nogier MD. (France), son of Dr. Paul Nogier MD., founder of Auricular Therapy , as well as Dr. Jan Kersschot MD.,(Belgium) founder of Biopuncture Injection therapy. In addition to have been trained in Denmark by Dr. John Boel in ophthalmic acupuncture for the treatment of degenerative eye diseases.

He has also received specialized training in integrative oncology and acupuncture cancer care, from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, considered one of the best cancer care and research center in America.

Dr. Anderson has been helping children, adults and professional athletes with musculoskeletal pain, neurological disorders, degenerative eye diseases, allergies and autoimmune disorders.

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