Secret of Ayurveda to help Gum Disease

Oil is very effective to "pull"  toxins out of the tissues of mouth and help reduce levels of S. mutans. This process is called Oil Pulling and has been used in Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic treatments have been used since 500 years and lately have been studied and compared with standard treatment of Chlorhexidine used to help with Gum Disease. Chlorhexidine, standard treatment to help with gum disease has side effects such as stained brown teeth,potential of bacteria and having bad taste. Recent report published in 2014 of GreenMedInfo clearly states that if you massage your gums for 4 weeks everyday with sesame oil, coconut or olive, it is more effective to help you fight gingivitis and plaque than Chlorhexidine. study sound Sesame oil to be most effective in reducing levels of S. mutans.