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Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy of using hypnosis to socialize with the subconscious mind in an open-reflective procedure to create positive change in your lifetime. There are many practices and several styles and lots of applications of hypnotherapy. Hypnosis typically can be used for weight loss, smoking, anxiety, pain, procrastination, migraines, phobias, low self-esteem, sleep disorders, sexual performance problems, and other issues. The scope for the use of hypnotherapy is vast. [1]

The expense of the hypnotherapy session varies from city to city and from professional to professional. The average appears to be somewhere between $75 and $125 per session, with a session commonly being between one hour and an hour and a half long. Some hypnotherapists provide pay-one-price apps – for smoking cessation, as an instance, in which you pay $300 to $400 for all of the sessions in the program. This can be a fantastic approach to make sure that successful follow-up sessions occur.

The cost of hypnosis depends upon the area of treatment where to use it, as hypnotherapy is a type of complementary medicine with other medications. But mostly, the hypnotherapy rates are considered to be on the higher side. 

How much does hypnotherapy cost?

How much is hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis occasionally is covered by health insurance, but it varies by coverage and individual case. BlueCross BlueShield of Montana, for example, believes hypnosis is medically required for relief of severe or chronic pain or even as an adjunct to psychotherapy. Aetna, however, considers hypnosis experimental. For individuals covered by health insurance, the expense of hypnosis typically is made up of physician visit copay or coinsurance of 10%-50%.

For individuals not covered by health insurance, hypnosis typically costs $50-$275 or more per session – or a total of $100-$1,375 or more for the two to five sessions typically suggested for most issues.  The expense of hypnotherapy differs and varies based on the expertise of the expert. Fees to your first session of hypnotherapy could include a first consultation and hypnotherapy therapy. Some hypnotherapists provide a free 30 minute initial in-person or telephone consultation for you to have a feel if you’re comfortable working with the hypnotherapist and to aide in you finding the hypnotherapist for both your health and wellbeing needs.

Many acupuncturists offer a discount when you buy multiple packages or treatments. So, for instance, if you were to buy one session at $150 or six sessions at $600, bringing the cost down to $100 per session. Popular discounts include veteran, older, child, and student discounts. Ask your hypnotherapist whether they give one of these discounts to get a better price in your remedies. One session of hypnotherapy lasts for 30 to 45 minutes, and you can judge if a hypnotherapist is helpful for your health and wellness needs after one session only. Many hypnotherapists prefer to offer you lucrative discounts when you go for booking multiple sessions. For example, if you are paying $100 for one session, you can get the offer of paying $400 for six sessions when booked altogether.

There are other discount schemes too, which can help you to get a reduced hypnotherapy price, including referral discounts, student discounts, and elderly discounts. But those discounts are not mandatory but are optional and ultimately depend upon the therapist.

How much does hypnosis cost in total?

How much is hypnotherapy in total?

The total cost includes the fees that you pay for your first session and the additional visits if needed. The total cost of hypnotherapy will depend upon the reason for which you are seeking the help of a hypnotherapist. Where some people get their entire treatment done while spending around $300, the others may need to pay more than $500. But whatever it may, the cost of hypnosis is not out of the reach of the patients.

It is a good first step to call the insurance company and inquiring if hypnotherapy is covered by your plan.

United healthcare covers the cost of hypnotherapy as it comes under their cover segment calked ‘Diagnostic and Therapeutic Purposes.’

There are other insurance companies, too, which offer to cover the cost of hypnotherapy.

Blue Shield/ Blue Cross: This is another insurance company which offers its clients a cost cover for hypnotherapy treatment. They cover hypnotherapy for chronic pain, and sometimes they provide to cover the cost of psychotherapy too after covering how much does a hypnotist charge. The cover depends upon the plan you buy.

Cigna: Cigna is another insurance company to offer the cover for hypnotherapy treatment to its buyers. They cover the cost of the hypnotists only when that is used to treat a covered condition, which means that according to them, the fields which need to have hypnotherapy will get covered. 

Humana: This insurance company talks about depression and hypnosis, and covers the cost of hypnotherapy.

How much is hypnotherapy based on treatment?

How much does hypnosis cost according to the treatment?

The cost of hypnotherapy varies based on the type of treatment you are expecting. There are various treatments that can get benefited from the use of hypnotherapy. 

How much is hypnotherapy for weight loss: The cost of hypnotherapy for losing weight is entirely different from the price of the same for smoking. The hypnotherapists commonly offer the packages of weight loss with the help of hypnotherapy to the patients. 

How much is hypnosis for smoking: Often, it needs 3 to 6 sessions for the patients to help them withdraw their habit of smoking with the help of hypnotherapy. The price range of the hypnotherapy for smoking withdrawal may vary from $250 to $375, according to the city you are staying in. 

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Finding low-cost hypnotherapy

The first thing that one needs to do is to check do hypnotherapists take insurance in the city or hospital they are going for and cover the cost of hypnotherapy. The offerings of insurance companies are elementary. One needs to pay for the premium, and the total cost of the treatment becomes completely free afterward. It is always better to ask the insurance company members if they cover the value of your treatment.

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