Homeopathy & Natural Herbal Pain Relief

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Table of Contents

How This Helps

Explore simple and effective natural ways to ease your common physical pains with homeopathic and herbal remedies.
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Science and Research

Homeopathy can provide help in many circumstances which might cause prolonged incapacity. As an example, the use of Arnica in acute injury is well understood, but often forgotten in the heat of the moment. The sooner it could be given, the more effective it is, but it isn’t too late to begin it several days after an injury. I’ll quite often see a patient with a sprained ankle, done two to three times before, and that I will then begin not just Arnica, but also Rhus tox given simultaneously. This combination is quite helpful in other conditions, like a bad back, due to gardening, or a knee injury done at soccer.

The following is only for informational purpose, and the consultation of a homeopathic expert is requierd for specific situations.

Back problems

Obviously, we must always remember our homeopathic basics, therefore Rhus tox would only be proper if the modalities of stiffness after rest, pain better for warmth, and relief by slow motion were present.

Severe rheumatoid arthritis

Obviously, prevention is much better than cure, and the treatment of patients with established rheumatoid arthritis is often less dramatic. But some help can be given with symptom management

Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is an incapacitating condition. It’s pain on the outer side of the elbow, caused not only by tennis, but also any other repetitive activity that involves flexion of the forearm muscles, like cleaning windows. Golfer’s elbow is equal, but on the other side of the elbow. It often responds extremely well to Ruta graveolens, which is a remedy that affects the flow of tendons to the periosteum of the bones. Ruta has precisely the same modalities as Rhus tox, ie better for warmth, stiffness after rest, better on slow motion, but has distinct tissue affinities — tendons and periosteum as opposed to muscle.


Conditions like gout may also be handled successfully with homeopathic remedies. Colchicum, the autumn crocus, has in its materia medica an specific description of the symptoms of gout -“Inflammation of the great toe, can’t bear to get it touched or moved” (Boericke). Ledum (marsh tea) gets the clinical picture of swollen, hot, pale joints, with the ball of the great toe swollen. Formica rufa (crushed live ants) is excellent for chronic stiffness and arthritis in the joints. The skin on the gouty joint is red, burning and itching.

Requirements of muscles

States of the muscles like fibrositis, fibromyalgia and polymyalgia rheumatica are hard to treat conventionally. Diagnosis can be delayed and can be extremely tough.

Fibrositis is supposed to result from small adhesions between individual muscle fibers, resulting in pain and stiffness in isolated areas,”trigger factors”, mainly from the trunk, buttocks and shoulders. The remedy Kali bichromicum fits this description nicely, having”pain in tiny spots”.

Fibromyalgia is extremely similar but involves more diffuse tenderness and pains in the muscles. Remedies like Rhus tox, if the modalities match, can be extremely useful.

Polymyalgia rheumatica is a particular inflammation of the proximal muscles of the upper arms and thighs, which are extremely tender and weak. Climbing stairs is especially difficult, as is raising the arms over the head to open cabinets, etc.. This condition responds well to steroids, but as the disease generally requires a few years to run its normal course, the steroids might need to be preserved for this amount of time. To prevent the side-effects of steroids, homeopathic therapy can be attempted.

How does homeopathy work?

Homeopathy’s mechanism of action is now being revealed by research in the newly emerging field of ultrahigh dilution physics. In one scenario, nanoparticles of the first medicinal substance attract water molecules to form liquid crystal structures in the dilution water, which then communicate information that triggers a homeostatic response within the body. In another, coherent domains are formed “one of the molecules of the water-alcohol solvent, as predicted by quantum electrodynamics.” The nanodose amounts that persist in homeopathic medicines are similar to the amounts where the body’s hormones and cell-signaling agents function. 


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