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Table of Contents

How This Helps

If anybody out there feels in SHOCK or in total mental and emotional TURMOIL as well as FEAR / ANXIETY, due to the last 48 hours of political change….here is what I can suggest. First of all, do not feel like a victim now. This is the time in which we learn how to become self-sufficient and sovereign individuals with the commitment to serve the whole. 

These sudden changes demand great adaptation of the mental, emotional and physical system and the mentioned homeopathic and natural  remedies below could be a great help now. I am aware, that many people experience sleep disorders, anxiety to even panic attacks. Breathe and relax!

If you want to talk to me, I am here anytime. 

Much Love Angelika

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Homeopathic remedy ARNICA MONTANA 200, one tablet every 2-3 hours in total 3 tablets only, or ARINICA 30, one tablet every 2-3 hours…may be for the whole day – then stop taking further tablets. Also, over the next few days, take RESCUE REMEDY / Bach Flower Remedy, one dropper full every 2-3 hours…until the nervous system has calmed down again.

Image Reference – presented image belongs to Dr. Angelika Maria Koch (she owns the rights)

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