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Table of Contents

How This Helps

Most chronic diseases like parkinsons, schizoprenia, psychosis, celebral palsy, depression, anxiety, paralysis are due to imbalances of Neurotransmitters in the body mostly triggered by Stress (mental, physical or chemical), Lack of sleep, Genetic disorder, Environmental disturbances and malnutrition.

Mostly these diseases are treated conventionally with specific dosage of pharmaceutical drugs.

Yet, Acupuncture can help to bring in into balance state naturally without side effects thru stimulation of the associated vital points.

While Yoga practises like asanas, pranayama, and meditation are immediate responses for recovery.

While Nutritional therapy or good nutrition can supply the deficiency of neurotransmitters production in the body.

The specific dosage of these supplements like tyrosine, amino acids, cysteine, 5-HTP and L-dopa are crucial because any excess or deficiency can excite or inhibit the neurotransmitters causing again to more imbalances.