How to effectively treat bruises, sprains and strains

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How This Helps

This YouTube video will educate you about the wonderful over-the-counter homeopathic remedy ARNICA MONTANA, which should be in every household, especially with a family and young children. It is indicated for bruises, strains & sprains, back pain and even for any situations which involves either an emotional and/or physical shock.

Science and Research

Dosage Plan for Adults and Children: Take Arnica Montana 30 (the number represents the potency/strength, one tablet every 1-2 hours, for one day only. For adults…up to 7 tablets; for children up to 4 tablets. If the situation is very intense (which may require medical attention), take Arnica Montana 200 (higher dose). For adults, one tablet, every 1-2 hours, in total 3 tablets only. For children, one tablet, every 1-2 hours, in total two tablets. If you are unsure, contact me for further guidance.



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