Homeopathy can help Curb Morning Sickness

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Homeopathy and Morning Sickness
There is obviously plenty of excitement and anticipation associated with pregnancy. But, often times, these emotional ups and downs also get tempered with an amount of physical discomfort. Appetite changes, nausea and vomiting can start at time even in the third week of pregnancy and can last throughout the first trimester, extending perhaps across the full term. Morning sickness can occur anytime, but it is important that you do not confuse this with hyperemesis gravidarum which is a more serious situation where you can experience uncontrollable vomiting. Guarding against dehydration is the first step if you suspect this condition and you must see a physician immediately to avoid potential complications including liver damage.

Thanks to the digital world, there is no dearth of self-care tips and homeopathy can effectively address symptoms associated with morning sickness and trigger general wellness. The adjustment of your body to various metabolic and hormonal changes as well as susceptibility is 
affected during pregnancy. You may also experience a series of emotional feelings during this period, including excitement, joyful anticipation, ecstasy, ambivalence, and even doubt or fear occasionally, challenging your well being.
There are several ways to garner homeopathic care. One among them is constitutional care which deals with overall wellness and can be helpful in lowering tendencies focusing on disruptive symptoms. In the process of constitutional care, you will in fact develop a kind of partnership with your qualified homeopath and start treatment under his/her guidance. This type of care calls for a strong commitment from the homeopath as well as the client towards the process. In other words, you and your homeopath will work closely for your overall wellness.

We strongly recommend constitutional care for women considering getting pregnant or, for that reason, anyone keen on improving their overall health. Homeopathy is also helpful in preventing inherited predisposition to some illnesses.
Homeopathy emphasizes on keen attention to the symptoms and matching them to the remedies. On that note, here are some simple home remedies that you can try for common ailments.


Ipecacuanha constitutes an excellent remedy that you can consider when you experience constant nausea that stays unrelieved even after vomiting.  This medicine helps in conditions when you have no relief from vomiting and also experience sharp pain around the naval, at times accompanied by uterine bleeding in bright red color. You also tend to vomit immediately after you eat something.  Another symptom that relates to Ipecacuanha is clean tongue which is generally not the case after vomiting. Interestingly, Ipecacuanha is also employed in making 
Ipecac which is used for inducing vomiting.  But, when the medicine is prepared according to homeopathy principles, it offers relief from the symptom.  Homeopathy adopts principles such as “like cures like” and this is an example where the principle is employed.  In other words, a 
substance that makes a person sick also has the ability to cure similar symptoms.
Nausea not accompanied by vomiting
In conditions when you experience nausea with no vomiting, and thought or smell of food is the trigger, you should consider Cochicum.  In this condition, you may also experience excessive bloating.  Passive movement like riding in your car can give you relief. Colchicum comes from 
Meadow Saffron and the medicine is prepared using homeopathic principles.
Nux Vomica
For pregnant women experiencing gagging and retching, Nux Vomica is a good remedy. Similar to Ipecacuanha, a Nux-V woman could feel worse at the sight and/or odor of food and tend to throw up immediately after the food is consumed. Such an individual can also be irritable and 
Sepia officinalis
This is another remedy to fight morning sickness. If you experience constant vomiting but feel better after eating, this medicine could be considered. Notice that the vomit could also be milky, and contain mucous. Fear of the unborn child and previous experiences with pregnancy
may be weighing on you. In this condition, you may also have a craving for sour foods, vinegar and pickles.
Aligning your symptoms with the remedies is important. You can get these remedies from a Homeopath or health food stores when you decide to try homeopathy. 
Administering the medicine
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