Yoga Nidra and Meditation benefits for cancer patients

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How This Helps

Yoga & Meditation for mind & body

Yoga healing works preventively, and is a measure of precaution. A person who adopts the yogic lifestyle by performing asanas, pranayama and meditation is the best possible chance for the future without cancer.  Yoga is always beneficial, because it not only relaxes and relieves symptoms, gives hope and encouragement, but also may prolong life.  

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Meditation for mental health

Meditation offers the best prospects of remission of cancer after the diagnosis. The best results are achieved by combining meditation with pranayama, asanas and the recommended diet. Meditation relieves depression. Serious depression and anxiety almost always worsen the condition of every man. Depression weakens the immune system. Meditation strengthens the immune system, and is, therefore, the first step toward remission, that is easing some symptoms of the disease.  Meditation brings peace, acceptance, and impartiality.

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Meditation is the practice of awareness. This is a process in which expose the lies and illusions, especially about life and death . Meditation consciousness rises to a higher level. Meditation brings different mental state and improves health. Yoga Nidra in Savasana should be followed by meditation in a sitting position. In this way establishes a balance between concentration and relaxation.  By using yoga Nidra you can quickly experience the power of the mind. Um lens, creates, visualizes, destroys. Meditation is a state of deep concentration, which implies a certain effort. On the other hand, yoga Nidra is a process of creative abandon, abandonment of all prejudices to consciousness itself emerged as a tree carried by the waves of the ocean. Meditation requires effort, while yoga Nidra means relaxation and indulgence.

Yoga Nidra for awakening

Yoga Nidra for many reasons is especially suitable for the treatment of cancer. The previous part of life, memories and experiences can “explode” from the subconscious, and the former maladjustment can be identified and corrected. Using images and symbols awaken deep subconscious and repressed memories and fantasies. Improved the ability to awaken and start prana (energy) and her conscious guidance throughout the entire body. Treatment includes visualization channels filled with light and energy that go through the whole body.

At first, it was just imagining, but over time becomes an experience that works. This treatment is called prana.  Also, during treatment, you can develop much more vivid images. For example, imagine that cancer reduces as the army of white blood cells attacks the cancer cells; the body is healthy, and that we see over and over again. This is a mental treatment. Finally, yoga Nidra develops willpower. In the treatment of cancer are very important perseverance and will. They can be reached by using the Sankalpa during yoga Nidra.

Sankalpa means “personal decision”, which is usually required in all areas of life. It is formulated as a short positive sentence that is constantly repeated with the full understanding and convinced, faith that this is a reality that is to be achieved. In a relaxed state, when the mind is open, this sentence will be sown into the very subconscious.  Sankalpa is the most powerful way of turning a life that brings tangible results. Effective because it launches powerful forces – the power of the subconscious, that we become aware of it. Your self-occurred just your Sankalpa – that is, that’s what you honestly want. Yoga Nidra should be practiced under official control, combined with pranayama, meditation, diet.

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