Yoga Helps You & Your Baby For Gestational Diabetes

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How This Helps

Yoga helps regulate hormones

Yoga can help with gestational diabetes by regulating hormones that affect blood sugar levels, cortisol and adrenaline levels, and emotional well being by stimulating the relaxation response in the body. Yoga also brings the practitioner into deeper awareness of her body so that she accurately monitors her energy level, blood sugar level, and appetite. 

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Yoga asanas for gestational diabetes


Practice Seated Spinal Circles daily, in the morning before you’ve eaten, 10 cycles in each direction

Practice Bharadvajasana (Bharadvaja’s Twist Pose) for 5 breaths on each side, daily, in the morning before you’ve eaten

Be careful not to twist too deeply during pregnancy. Always be mindful of the body and use pain as your guide.

Scientific research has found that mind-body practices such as yoga are very helpful in improving the health and wellness of pregnant women. By increasing physical activity, yoga can help prevent gestational diabetes, which is often a result of inactivity.




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