Why you want to be Barefoot – Benefits for Plantar Muscles

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How This Helps

Being barefoot allows the plantar muscles to strengthen and

toes to spread out wide. This, in turn, strengthens your bones, muscles and

connective tissue, ultimately leading to better balance and stability through

all occasions-even when you DO put shoes on.

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Here is an interesting fact that I bet you didn’t know. There are over 10,000 nerves in the bottom of the foot. If you follow reflexology, you would know that there are specific areas on the bottom of the feet that can be triggered to help alleviate various conditions in the body. I find that very fascinating. And this is also a major reason why I love barefoot running benefits and barefoot fitness in general.

Everything you do from a standing position depends on the strength of your feet. If they are weak, how good do you think you will be able to balance when posed with a compromising position? It won’t be very pretty.

Aside from the nerves, you have muscles in your feet called plantar muscles. Plantar is used in reference to the bottom. It’s easy to remember this every time you “plant” your foot on the ground. And this is where I’ll start my journey on why you should think really hard about walking barefoot benefits.

When you shove your foot into a shoe day after day, it conforms to the dimensions and shape of the shoe against your will. Much like an everyday person, the foot does not like to be forced to do things it does not want to do.

Think about how glorious life would be with better balance. You are less apt to suffer falls, your sport performance will improve and you are at less risk for postural distortions. Remember, everything starts from the ground up.

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