Why feet could act as a mirror for your body

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How This Helps

The condition of our feet and the way we use them reveal our physical and mental state and influences not only our own performance but the functioning of mind and body as well.

-Numbness and tingling sensation in the feet is often an early symptom of diabetes.

– Pain, stiffness, swelling in the joints of the feet indicates early stages of rheumatism arthritis (RA).

– A sudden change in the big toe which becomes shining, swollen, inflamed and extremely painful is the sign of gout.

– Pain, swelling, burning sensation in the feet indicates impaired blood circulation.

– Lack of coordination in the feet can appear as a sign of neurological or nerve disorder.

– Pain in the middle of calf indicates constipation or diarrhoea.

– Itchy feet in men are a sign of enlarged prostate.

– Painful heels could be kidney problems.

– Left heel pain is connected to organs like spleen and pancreas. Right heel pain is connected to the organ liver.


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