The Dance Of Your Core Healing, Transforming Your Mind, Body & Soul in the New World

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The Art of Healing is a journey of birthing a creative process hat deeply addresses the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of our lives. Our willingness to participate in such a life-changing and transformative process involves every part of us: each cell, each drop of blood, and each act of courage in the face of change and fear. To live in vibrant and optimal health not only requires a new perception to a shifting global paradigm, but also our understanding of allopathic and alternative medicine. We arrived at a point in human evolution when we must establish an entirely new approach to and relationship with medicine itself.

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THE DANCE OF YOUR CORE HEALING portrays the interrelationship between Mind, Body, and Soul with their intricate communication channels and unlimited potentialities in creating the multifaceted jewel called “YOU”. In simple and accessible language based on 21st-century cutting-edge science from integrated and holistic medicine, homeopathy, systemic herbology, anatomy, cellular biology, nutrition, detoxification protocols, and spirituality, Dr. Angelika Maria Koch welcomes everybody to feel inspired to dance a new dance and to choose a completely new way of living.

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Dr. Angelika Maria Koch (DM LCH HNHIr) is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, health consultant, homeopath, iridologist, sclerologist, professor at the University of New Mexico/USA, author and owner of Medica Nova, Practice for Integrated & Educational Medicine. She applies and synthesizes a unique blend of effective and cutting-edge therapeutic tools in a holistic and innovative approach for this complex and unfolding New World.


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