Reverse Your Type 2 Diabetes With Yoga

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How This Helps

Yoga is very helpful in preventing type 2 diabetes by combatting obesity and inactivity, two major factors that contribute to type 2 diabetes. Yoga also improves the mind-body connection helping practitioners choose healthy foods, monitor energy & blood sugar levels, and not overeat.

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Practice 5-10 Surya Namaskaras (Sun Salutations) daily, before breakfast (depending on your physical fitness and energy level).
Practice 5 Bhujangasana Flows (Cobra Flow) daily before lunch or dinner.
Practitioners should be careful to monitor their heart rate and energy level as they practice active Surya Namaskar. Due to changing blood sugar levels, practitioners with type 2 diabetes may feel light-headed when practicing Surya Namaskar and should practice near a wall or come to seated or lie down if she feels dizzy or light-headed.
Scientific research has found yoga to be effective in lowering the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Yoga is also helpful in managing several short-term outcomes of Type 2 Diabetes including weight management and stress reduction.

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