Modified Sun Salutations as a Suitable Yoga Practice for Obesity

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How This Helps

One simple physical yoga practice that can help combat obesity and weight loss is modified sun salutations.  A majority of obese people lives sedentary lives, so it’s important that they get involved in regular physical movement that will burn calories, increase metabolism, and create body awareness. And that’s exactly what modified sun salutations with lunges will do- get energy flowing, burn fat, stimulate metabolic rate, and increase body awareness for the practitioner.

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Modified Sun Salutations can be done daily for 5-10 repetitions, or until you feel physically tired.  Listen to your body and enjoy the vitality you feel as you move and breathe.

Be careful when balancing in the lunge pose. If it feels too difficult to raise your back heel, simply place the heel down with your toes turned out at a 45-degree angle. Be aware of your breath and heart rate. If you get dizzy from moving the head up and down, take a rest and catch your breath.

Research has shown that yoga done at home, as part of a regular routine, is effective in preventing obesity and aiding in weight loss. In combination with healthy eating and a consistent practice, yoga is a wonderful comprehensive weight loss method.

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