Hanumansana – Monkey Pose for Digestion

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Table of Contents

How This Helps

Hanumanasana benefits include  deep stretching of the thighs, deep awareness of the body, developing patience to practice yoga, Through regular practice of this monkey yoga pose, you can expect greater flexibility around your hips, apart from addressing problems with digestion. This yoga monkey pose is better practiced on the floor or you can use folded blankets to rest your front heel and back of your knee. Regular practice of this yoga monkey pose helps in becoming more gentle and soft by engaging your heart and mind to be kind and compassionate to your own body.


Step by Step instructions for Hanumana, Monkey Pose:
1) Kneel on the floor, put the right foot forward by about 12 inches in front of the left knee and rotate the right thigh outward.
2) Exhale and bring the torso forward while pressing the fingertips on the floor and slide back the left knee slowly. Straighten your knee and simultaneously bring the right thigh down in the direction of the floor
3) Push your right heel away from torso. Turn your leg inward while it straightens so that the knee cap faces the ceiling, making sure that the center of your right knee is pointing direct to the ceiling. 

Practicing yoga under a learned teacher/guru is always recommended.
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