Garbh Sanskar Therapy To Manage Anxiety During Pregnancy

Garbh Sanskar is Ayurvedic prenatal education with best practices during pregnancy. It helps to reduce stress & encourage maternal-fetal interaction.
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Table of Contents

How This Helps

As you prepare yourself for pregnancy, you slowly rediscover your inner power but are faced with anxiety and stress. You will need to care for yourself so that the baby inside you is born as a healthy and competent child who can confront the pressures of our increasingly complex world. An Ayurvedic remedy to this situation has gradually gained widespread acceptance, a therapy named Garbh Sanskar.

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What is Garbh Sanskar?

A healthy pregnancy is crucial to make sure the mother’s and infant’s well-being after birth also. Garbh Sanskar has gained widespread acceptance as an enabler for the psychological and physical development of the infant.

Every parent wants the best for their child. The understanding of Garbh Sanskar dates back to ancient scriptures and is contained in the Ayurveda. The term Garbh in Sanskrit refers to the fetus from the uterus, and Sanskar means the education of the brain. So, Garbh Sanskar translates to the practice of teaching the mind of their unborn infant. It’s traditionally believed that a child’s psychological and behavioral development begins in the uterus as it can be affected by the mother’s emotional and mental state during the period that she carries the baby. The custom was a part of Hindu tradition since time immemorial.  There are tales of how Garbh Sanskar had a positive impact on mythological characters such as Abhimanyu, Astabakra, and Prahlad who had been educated in their mother’s womb.

Mothers often speak to their baby while pregnant and even attempt to think great thoughts or perform things that can soothe the baby. While most pregnant moms do it like a feel-good variable, it will have more deep-rooted benefits also.  There’s now increasing scientific evidence that supports the practices linked to Garbh Sanskar and its impact on the unborn child. Research and scientific studies have proved that a fetus can react to outside stimulation. In actuality, the hormonal secretions triggered by the mother’s ideas may also impact the infant in her womb.

Thus while Garbh Sanskar is thought to benefit the infant, it’s not focused only on the child. These practices make sure that the mother is healthy and in a positive frame of mind. Tasks such as changes in lifestyle and diet are suggested to pregnant women through the practice of Garbh Sanskar.

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When should you begin Garbh Sanskar?

Garbh Sanskar isn’t merely about the care taken during pregnancy but about beginning preparations at least a year before conception. Garbh Sanskar covers the period starting with pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and the breastfeeding phase and guides parents until the child is about two years of age.

Is Garbh Sanskar prenatal education?

Different Prenatal Education Methods

Garbh Sanskar References can be found in early Hindu Puranas and the Vedas. But the practice isn’t confined to India alone! Various cultures around the world promote nurturing the bond between the mother and the developing baby, which is like the idea of ‘schooling in the uterus.’ Mothers in western states often listen to classical music such as that of maestros like Mozart to create their genius kid. The wisdom of Garbha Sanskar could be assessed from the fact that many modern prenatal practices derive from it. These include:

Meditation: All these are meditation methods that occupy the mind with the idea that may become reality

Aromatherapy: This uses the therapeutic effect of smell that sharpens the senses and soothes the body and the brain. Essential oils and other aromatics may be utilized to assist the moms to de-stress

Color therapy: Including the use of light and color to balance the mind. Specific colors can exude the mood and have a beneficial impact on the brain

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Garbh Sanskar therapy for anxiety

Garbh Sanskar Tasks for Anxiety & Stress Management

According to Ayurveda, Garbh Sanskar is among the best ways to give birth to a healthy infant. It is all about the mother keeping a sound frame of mind, not just emotionally, but physically, emotionally, and spiritually also. Ayurvedic Garbh Sanskar lays out specific guidelines to keep in mind for the expectant mother. These include:

1. Healthy Diet: A proper diet is essential for the health and nourishment of the mother and the baby. According to Ayurveda, the Ahara-rasa, which is nourishment or energy acquired from the mother’s diet, helps in the nutrition of the mother herself, the development of the infant, and preparation for the creation of breast milk. A Garbh Sanskar diet in pregnancy should be balanced based on the Prakriti and doshas. A balanced diet that provides the calcium, iron, folic acid, required spectrum of vitamins and minerals is advised to this end.

Garbh Sanskar meals in pregnancy include Sattvik food that refers to freshly prepared nutrient-rich food, which contains all five flavors, namely, sweet, salty, pungent, bitter, and sour. Ayurveda recommends the usage of Panchamrut, which is beneficial for boosting immunity and potency. This food is made with a single spoon curd, sugar, honey, and two spoons of ghee or clarified butter blended with eight strands of milk. Abstinence from addictive substances is also advised.

2. Positive Thinking: Pregnancy can make you moody and irritable. Garbh Sanskar can help you manage your emotions for the mother and the infant. You can cultivate a hobby or simply do things that make you happy.

3. Practicing Yoga or gentle exercise: Garbh Sanskar recommends some mild form of Yoga or exercise to the physical well-being of mother and child.  Pranayama breathing exercises calms and relaxes the body while preparing you for breath-control during childbirth. Yoga helps increases flexibility, improves blood flow and reduces backaches during pregnancy Particular Garbh Sanskar yoga asanas raise the mother’s likelihood of having a full-term regular delivery with minimal labor pain

4. Meditation: Meditation is an essential facet of Garbh Sanskaar and is healthy for the body as it de-stresses the brain. It entails bringing peace and tranquillity, and improve concentration. Visualizing great things about the baby as you meditate is also a terrific way to bond and think positively, which may help both you and the baby.

5. Creativity: Getting creative during pregnancy not only keeps your mind occupied but according to Garbh Sanskar, creativity could be passed to your baby also. Hobbies like knitting, gardening, painting, or even pottery can assist in breaking stress and keep you happy.

6. Reading Calming Books: Garbh Sanskar recommends reading religious books, which bring about a sense of pride and contentment. In actuality, Garbh Sanskar also stresses on the fact that reading instructional books shapes the character of the child from the womb. It’s thought that studying when pregnant can help pass on the wisdom to the unborn child. Books with moral values or mythical stories are suggested, but you could always select another book you like reading!

7. Listening to Soft Music: Garbh Sanskar says that a baby can respond to music while in the mother’s womb. Ancient literature claims that a baby begins hearing and reacting to its environment from the seventh month of pregnancy. This fact is the reason the mother should listen to melodious music that calms her. Soft and religious songs or mantras and shlokas may be beneficial for both the mother and the child.

8.  Relax the Mind: According to Garbh Sanskar, the mother shouldn’t indulge in actions or practices that stress her out. Attempt to be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually positive for your baby’s health. Taking undue stress or performing actions that can create negative emotions are not recommended during pregnancy as they trigger the release of hormones that might adversely affect the fetus.

9. Prayer: Praying is a significant part of Garbh Sanskar and is thought to be suitable for the spiritual development of the infant. Ancient scriptures contain mantras and shlokas that are beneficial for unborn babies. The prayers which are chanted bless the baby with good health and moral values and are a vital part of spiritual beliefs.

10. Herbal Ghee intake: Herbal medicated ghee made from cows milk ghee is recommended from the fourth month onwards of pregnancy by Ayurveda. It’s supposed to be beneficial for the physical and psychological development of the child and will help prevent congenital defects in the fetus. According to Ayurveda, medicated ghee may also help the mother have a full-term normal pregnancy and delivery. Consult your physician as every pregnancy is unique based on many factors.

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Garbh Sanskar benefits during pregnancy

Advantages of Garbh Sanskar

It’s up to the mother to form up the initial impressions of the infant. Positive thoughts matter in ensuring that the psychological and physical well-being of the mother and her fetus. Garbh Sanskar helps reinforce that eternal bond between the mother and her unborn child.

While specialists promote practicing Garbha Sanskar for the well-being of their mother, there are also long-term advantages for your infant, which may not immediately be recognized. Communication with the infant is ‘Garbha Sanwaad’ that leads to the psychological development of the child and the strong bond with the mother.

Listening to audio and reading to the unborn child can later make your baby a sound sleeper or cause better sleeping habits. Your baby might be alert, confident, and aware. The infant might also respond to stimulation better and be more active and content. The mother-baby bonding also benefits as your infant might even start breastfeeding in a better way.

How Garbh Sanskar Music Helps Your Child

Since it’s thought that a fetus can react to outside stimuli, particularly from the seventh month onwards, the curative effect of music can play a vital role based on Garbh Sanskar. The closest sound for your baby is the mother’s heartbeat. Since the child hears something recognizable, it can result in a feeling of calmness. Similarly, soft music has a calming effect on the baby also.

Garbh Sanskar believes that the noise of the Veena, a string instrument, and the flute, have sound characteristics that could soothe the mind and the spirit. There are many Garbh Sanskar music types available online.

Garbh Sanskar Tips

Some simple tips to help nurture the special bond between the mother and the infant can be helpful.

– Caress and speak with your baby. Mom and Dad should take turns in familiarising the infant with the parents’ voices. It may seem like an odd thing to do, but can go a long way in creating the bond between the parents and the infant

– Staying positive is quite essential. Avoid stresses and bad ideas

– A relaxing vacation might also help you unwind.

– Speak with your baby about something different daily. Modulate your voice and let them know how happy you are to have him or her in your life and how you just can’t wait to hold your infant

While these practices might seem odd initially, they are sure to grow on you and have a positive influence on your relationship with your infant.

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Garbh Sansakar finds its origins in ancient practices. It focuses on the well-being of their mom and the healthy development of the child. But more than this, Garbh Sanskar concentrates on fostering an everlasting bond between the mother and the child. A healthful diet, positive thoughts, routine exercise, and a loving relationship, are the elements of Garbh Sanskar. Practice the straightforward tenets of Garbh Sanskaar and have the peace they give.